The Vessel is Full of Mathematical Curiosities

The Vessel at Hudson Yards is ripe for mathematical investigation. With 154 interconnecting flights of stairs, 2,500 steps, 80 landings and a mile’s worth of pathway, questions abound. How many people do you estimate could climb the Vessel at the same time? What is the slope of the staircases? At 600 tons in weight, and a base of 50 ft widening to a peak of 150 feet in diameter, what is the approximate weight of each level? Explain the tessellation of shapes you observe in the structure. Name the different types of symmetry evidenced in the structure. How many hexagons are formed by the structure? Classify and describe the sculpture using its geometric properties; e.g. interior angle measures, perpendicular/parallel sides, congruent angles/sides and compare them to the geometric properties of MC Escher’s impossible constructions and the famous stepwell of Chand Baori.