Introduction to Examples

The examples that follow, while originally created for middle school students, are adaptable to any age group from prekindergarten through grade 12. Tied to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) content standards and process standards, our math trails complement and challenge the traditional math curriculum by creating new contexts for mathematical understanding in the world around us. 

Numbers and operations; algebra; geometry; measurement; and, data analysis and probability are the 5 content standards, which we address individually or collectively in the design of each math trail. Problem solving; reasoning and proof; communication; connections; and, representations are the 5 process standards, which we integrate fully into every math trail. 

The results offer robust experiences for learning experiences at all ages. Students explore new venues, oeuvres, frames of reference, paradigms and models of mathematical applications. This enables all students to build knowledge, integrate knowledge and interpret new knowledge through a mathematical lens.

(See more examples under Math Encounters.)