Sample Questions

Math trails provide creative and authentic activities that reveal the beauty of numbers in every environment and context, whether a museum, building, camp, natural habitat, playground, neighborhood, transportation facility… the possibilities are endless. There are many issues to consider in the design of math trails, and chief among them is varying the type of questions posed to stimulate thinking, appeal to a broad audience and channel mathematical interest and understanding through the presentation. The following are types of questions to consider when designing a math trail.

• Identify, estimate, measure, calculate, model, explain

• Compare different lengths, shapes, patterns, angles, areas, volumes

• Find the mathematical average, range

• How many different combinations

• Imagine, what if…, is it possible

• What is the fraction, ratio, percent, degrees, difference

• Notice, describe, devise a method or plan, explain

• Why, make a conjecture

• Prove

• How is it done

• What is the probability

• How much, what is the best buy

• When, where, locate

• Observe, identify, collect data, analyze

• What is the longest, largest, highest, steepest, fastest, heaviest

• What is most relevant, what has the greatest effect