Math trails enable students to become active learners: discovering real life illustrations of the math concepts that they are studying, which makes math alive, realistic and accessible. Students are rewarded by seeing that these mathematical ideas make sense in the world around them, and recognizing that math is universal, appearing in many different contexts.


UrbanMathTrails programs allow students to be innovative, foster creativity, build critical thinking and have universal appeal among different age groups and types of learners. UrbanMathTrails programs have a strong emphasis on inquiry, collaboration, and process-based learning; and, are also fun and stimulating. They pique student interest, sustain their attention, build their thirst for knowledge and develop skills that so many careers need, and so many students lack.


UrbanMathTrails customizes every math trail according to the unique needs of every institution. They are designed to be integrated seamlessly in the curriculum. They are flexible with respect to the breadth and depth of topic, structure, and diversity of learners. They can be stand-alone programs or incorporated into a curriculum unit or integrated curriculum, but always guide students to make connections between previous knowledge and these new experiences with confidence and excitement.


UrbanMathTrails programs are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and local mathematics standards at every grade level. Every math trail is tied to multiple content and process standards, including information about which standards are supported.