Our Services

UrbanMathTrails provides educational consulting services to museums, parks, zoos, environmental groups, schools, clubs and scout groups and other institutions dedicated to inspiring elementary and secondary school students with creative math programming. Partner with us to implement innovative ways to build math literacy and confidence through programs that are relevant, fun and engaging: 

·     Professional Development programs train your team to implement programs that integrate math trails, tours and adventures into your curriculum and educational program offerings. These programs teach educators how to develop their own math trails and adventures and integrate them into existing programs and projects. 

·     Curriculum and Program Development programs include the design, integration and implementation of customized math trails, tours and adventures into your math, science, art and architecture programs. They can be linked to a curriculum topic, field of study, event, collection, exhibit or attraction, and, geared to a specific grade or age level. They always provide new relevance, context, audience and opportunity to awaken the mathematician in each of us.

All programs offer a range of support materials, which can include samples, guides, question banks, make-and-take projects, and follow-up activities. They are designed collaboratively with each partner institution to ensure that these programs meet the highest educational standards and are fully consistent with the institution's mission and vision.